I started watching Arrow 3 years ago at 39,000 feet up over the Atlantic Ocean to help me get through seven hours of in-flight boredom. Then 15-minutes into the first episode it was game over, cause I was hooked. 

From the world of DC Comics comes one of the most riveting heroes ever to blaze across the small screen. Not only was I hooked from the first episode - I discovered what binge watching was from watching the Arrow Series. This thing was so amazing that I was queuing up each episode back to back to the eye rolling amusement of my family. 

Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starling City 5-years after being presumed dead aboard his father's sunken yacht. But, the man who left is not the same one who returns. Oliver spent five hellish years on a remote Pacific island where he picked up a deadly set of skills in order to survive.

Stephen Amell plays the 'not-hard-to-look-at' Oliver Queen who has several glaring similarities to another caped crusader masquerading by day as a billionaire playboy. The series opens with Oliver's family yacht shipwreck. Only Oliver and his father survive. They are cast adrift on a life raft, but days into the journey with water supplies running low - Oliver's father realizes there is not enough left to sustain them both. He takes his own life with the hopes his son will survive. But, before he dies he extracts one last promise from his son - that if Oliver survives and returns to Starling City he must make it a better place. He must promise to destroy those who have nearly destroyed the City through crime and corruption. 

Fast forward five years, and Oliver's returns to Starling City determined to keep that "deathbed promise." Those who have failed the City through unchecked crime and corruption must pay. The billionaire playboy cannot do the task, but the hooded vigilante can. To those around him he is the same carefree rich-boy bachelor, but by night he uses those newly acquired skills to fight crime in his city. Amell plays the part with a brooding, conflicted intensity. His life and his personality have become complicated from his past mistakes. To make things worse he is also haunted by the demons of his island trip to hell. 

When he returns all is far from smooth sailing. His family's lives' have become a convoluted entanglement of secrets and emotional quagmire. His mother believing her husband died - has remarried. His sister is a druggie, and his ex girlfriend hates his guts. And, that's just for starters. 

This series has more twists, turns, surprises and shockers per episode than I had ever thought to find in a television program. I would quite literally finish each episode in disbelief at how much action, drama and suspense the producers actually packed into 42 minutes. It is sharp, cleverly written, well paced, and it never insults your intelligence. 

The cast is rounded out by David Ramsey (John Diggle), and Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak), Willa Holland (Thea Queen), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance), and Collin Donnell (Tommy Merlin). The entire cast brings something unique and interesting to the table that make this show such a unique television feast. 

Arrow could so easily be just another caricature comic book show with lousily done special effects, mediocre acting and poor scripts. Instead it rivets your attention from the very first moments, and holds you on a taunt wire of expectation from episode to episode. Stephen Amell resonates in the lead role as the complicated hero rediscovering his moral compass amid twisted villains and dysfunctional family members. The plots are exciting, the actors' are superb, and the story line cleverly weaves action-adventure with character complexity. Every episode is a cliff-hanger with a plot stunner that leaves you panting for more. Kudos to the entire production team for top notch television entertainment! 


  1. Thanks for the write-up. I have Netflix and been curious about this show. I may check it out now.


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