1) It ended. I hate it when producers don't realize that a good series has run its course and drag it out until the station cancels it. Thanks Julian Fellowes for giving us closure.

2) The return of Lady Rose MacClare. And, what a joy it was to see her. (Fellowes read my mind). Rose came back to perform one final act of kindness (after saving Lord Sinderby's self-righteous hide last season). She helped the ever-clueless Robert see the worth of his wife Cora’s career.

3) Carson and Mrs. Hughes got married. Yes, the “old booby” finally married the wisest woman below stairs – the kindhearted Mrs. Carson, who carefully balanced love and discipline without any loss of respect. She didn’t mind putting the crusty Carson in his place when he needed it either.

4) Sprat was outed as Edith’s mystery woman’s advice columnist. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I was completely gobsmacked. I think I laughed almost as hard as the dowager on that one.

5) After 14 years of misery and bad luck, Anna and Bates finally found marital bless completed by the arrival of their baby boy. Anna even had the audacity to deliver him right in Lady Mary’s boudoir.

6) Barrow had a happy ending. The ultimate skuzzbucket tuned over a new leaf, and just in time to land the butler’s position right out from under the ailing Carson’s feet. Now, that’s timing.

7) Molesely, (who shared the podium for “most decent” with Branson), got a teacher’s position and finessed it with honesty.

8) Mary got married. And, look at what it took to get her down the aisle with the handsome Henry Talbot: Personal misery, ruining her sister’s life, a screaming match with Edith, being called a coward by Tom, and a therapy session with grannie. Lord, that woman was stubborn. But, we are so glad she finally got married, cause the bodies were dropping like flies in her wake.

9) The Dowager Countess Violet Crawley survived until the end. She was my absolute favorite character, and her loss would have been the only reason that I would have stopped watching the show. No one else could deliver the sarcastic barbs she threw out in abundance with so much aristocratic style. In true form, Violet continued to dole out her snarky remarks all the way to having the last word on screen. God bless her.

10) Edith got married. Hallelujah! She was the poster child for pathological patheticness (yes, it’s a word),  and she finally found a man she could keep. Her marriage after 14 miserable years made my joy complete.

It was six seasons spanning 14 years of nobility soap-opera style drama. We watched them, we hated them, we laughed at them. But, most of all, we loved them all - the indelible Crawleys and those that served them, like they were our own relations. We bid them a fond farewell. Thank you Julian for six glorious seasons!


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