Batman V Superman was the case of many potentially great elements colliding in a mishmash of unimpressive screen time. “Superman - Man of Steel” Director, Zack Snyder left us with reasonable expectations from the relatively good 2013 rendering of the S-Man. But “Batman V Superman” did not follow that course. It tried too hard to be big, impressive and over the top, and it failed because it was disjointed with numerous moving parts not fitting into the bigger story. It was a film whose ambitions outstripped its ability to deliver. So, before going any further, allow me to preface this with a few things:
  • I love superhero movies.
  • I am movie reviewer, not a movie critic.
  • Films deserve the benefit of the doubt - they are hard to make.
  • I did not read comic books growing up.
Allegedly, it was a film about two superheroes at polar opposite ends of the hero spectrum who disliked each other. Why? The film then becomes a war for super-supremacy, but over what? The two heroes eventually managed to wade their way through the quagmire of convoluted story line before locking arms to defeat Lex Luther. That’s the best I could surmise after several trips through various dream sequences and numerous smaller elements that did not work.

Quite simply, there was no clear course, at least not one that made any sense. It was like the film started with the best of intentions then lost its way. The 2013 “Man of Steel” gave us a clearly defined chronicle with a strong backdrop and better acting. This rendition left me with more questions than answers, and wondering if I even liked Superman anymore. Now, that is a shame because I have always loved the S-Man.

Batman Vs. Superman banged out $193M domestic gross in its opening weekend. Much of that was pre-ticket sales; the rest was maybe curiosity? But, plenty of mediocre films make good money. The pre-opening reviews were disastrous, and I normally pay no attention to those, since movie critics are paid to criticize. But, in this case I had to concur because I was disappointed. I expected so much and got so little. I confess that I've seen too many Marvel moves and loved them all. (It also says a lot, that I liked the previews for “Captain America Civil War” more than the entire film that followed) But dang it – the Marvel Universe set the bar so high.

It’s all about the STORY. When all is said and done a good film comes down to story. A good story stands alone, has believable characters that you care about, and leaves you with a little something when its over. I wanted so much to care about these characters, but I couldn’t.

By the time it was over I felt like I had viewed a 2 1/2 hour trailer for a movie rather than a movie. Batman looked like a confused megalomaniac, Superman had fallen off my pedestal, Wonder Woman lacked pizazz, (though nice try), and Luther seemed more like the criminally insane than a criminal mastermind. And, there’s something about that scenario that just didn't sit right. 


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