As soon as I heard there was a second My Big Fat Greek Wedding in the pipeline, it was a no brainer. I loved the original version so much that I went to see it three times. The 2002 film snuck up on American film goers with startling box office success and won our hearts. It was an off-the-beaten-track story of Plain-Jane Tula, a Greek spinster, who won the lottery when she landed a handsome school-teacher boyfriend. Her over-the-top relatives were not impressed, because he's wasn't a Greek. The film had no unusual plot, twists or turns to speak of, but centered around the antics of the quirky family that resonated with us all. Let's face it, we all have that aunt or uncle in our families that resembles someone in the Portocalos clan.

MBFGW2 picks up roughly 15 years or more later, and Tula (Nia Vardolos) is a mother, has teenage daughter, and is struggling to put some fire back in her flagging marriage. John Corbett returns as her husband, who has learned over the years that if you can't beat 'em join 'em. Elena Kampouris plays Tula's daughter, Paris, a high school student applying for colleges. But, she would prefer one as far away from her obnoxious Portocalos relatives as possible, who stampede through her life like a herd of buffalo. Added to that is a shocking secret that comes to light, setting them all off into a frenzy, as they attempt to sort through the overheated mess in outlandish Portocalos style.
Lainie Kazan & Andrea Martin
The entire original cast returned to remind us how to do life ala Greek, oopa! They were joined by John Stamos (ER) and Rita Wilson (The Good Wife). This Mediterranean laugh-fest pulled on some of the laughs from the first movie, (like Gus' bottle of Windex). And, there was no end to the jokes, as the Portocalos grandchildren recognized the Greek origins of every word. Andrea Martin restored the role of Aunt Voula, who lives in effervescent splendor - pouring forth personal anecdotes that no one ever wants to hear an older woman say. Lainie Kazan (Maria Portocalos) returned as her partner in crime. But, I think it was the old silent granny (yep she still lives), who stole many of the scenes just by doing nothing. Nia Vardolos wrote the script again and Tom Hanks returned as a producer. 

The second film was just as silly as the first, filled with cornball humor, and plenty of poorly tasted sleaze along the edges. But, I didn't care. It was great to see my favorite Greek family up to their old tricks again, and that was evident in mega doses. I laughed myself silly, but I am not sure if it was because of the humor or the sheer delight at seeing the gang back together. No matter; it was a boatload of fun with a capital "F" and a nostalgic, if not warm reminder of everything we loved about the first movie. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was a humorous reminder of the things that make families so unique. That, regardless of our many idiosyncrasies and petty annoyances - it is still the nucleus that defines us, provides a sense of belonging and identity in the larger community of life. And that alone was worth this big screen frolic. Now, where's my Windex?


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